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Renewable Energy InnovationsOur Company vision is to provide affordable renewable energy solutions for micro generation so that everyone can benefit from clean energy, and we have developed a unique turbine for the wind energy industry.


We can help to meet the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow while making you independent from the local utilities for your energy requirements.


As energy resources become less plentiful alternative means of energy provision will ultimately become more important, be it from wind, water or the sun.


Renewable Energy InnovationsWe currently manufacture our extremely cost effective Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, first designed by us in Australia and New Zealand, and our revolutionary new design of Anaerobic Digester Systems that will not only help solve bio degradable waste disposal and soil contamination issues, but can also provide you with green energy.


New energy products are under development.


Our Darrieus concept Vertical Axis Wind Turbines are designed to work in lower wind speed zones as well as survive in high wind speed areas with some very important advantages.


One of the most important advantages are that our Turbines are almost silent, they can provide useable power in low wind areas as well as in high wind speed zones, and are able to take wind from any direction.


Renewable Energy InnovationsOur Wind Turbines have all the generator and control equipment at ground level, making maintenance of the system easier.

We are currently able to supply turbines from 2.5kW to 30kwatt but will be producing larger commercial systems in the near future.




Renewable Energy InnovationsProvide a solution to the use and dispersal of Bio degradable waste materials. With global pollution being an increasing problem, our team has after many years of Research and Development, produced a very efficient dual chamber Anaerobic Digester (Bio-gas ch4 / co2).


The anaerobic digester system helps dispose of bio degradable waste material while the methane gas produced can be utilized and turned into hot water, heating and power generation, something that is wasted in a normal sewerage system.


Our hope and vision is that this will ultimately help to solve some of the pollution problems in domestic and industrial waste disposal.


The systems can be used in agricultural, horticultural and manufacturing industries.